Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ten Players Not To Sleep On In The 2014 Draft

Figured it was about time I started posting on here again, my job has prevented me from having a lot of free time so unfortunately I haven't been able to run this as much as I'd like. However, I now have another contributor, Sam Bruty who will be posting from time to time as well. This post is his first submission.

The 2014 NBA Draft is one of the deepest in years. If you followed the NBA in the slightest this year there’s no doubt you’ve heard that before. With potential game changers like Andrew Wiggins, Jarbari Parker and Joel Embiid up for grabs, this year’s draft is shaping up to be a historic one. The overabundance of “blue chippers” only increases the possibility of other stellar/under the radar prospects to be passed up on. On my count there’s around 40-45 players in this draft that could be of good value to a team. So with that said the list below consists of my personal top ten players of value you’ll be able to find late in the draft later this month.

10) Roy Devyn Marble- Iowa
Value Meter: 3/5 stars
2013-14 Stat Line:   17 ppg  3.2 rpg  3.6 apg  1.8 spg
Translatable Skills: Versatility, Drives the lane, Toughness
Concerns: Tunnel Vision
Projected Pick Range: 28-38

Pretty much a point forward for the Hawks these past two years. Carried a heavy workload within the Hawkeye offense. Often times tried to do too much resulting in turnovers, missed opportunites, etc. But with his length, decent jumper and ballhandling abilities teams cannot overlook the potential.

9) Walter Tavares-Spain
Value Meter: 3/5 stars
Translatable skills: Rim protector, Pick and roll game, Mobile
Concerns: Rawness
Projected Pick Range: 28-48

Like many international prospects Tavares is a guy you’ll need to put a few years into. If he can add some bulk to his frame and develop a post game, he might have a shot in this league.

8) Jahii Carson- Arizona State
Value Meter: 3.5/5 Stars
2013-14 State Line:  18.6 ppg  4 rpg  4.6 apg  43% FG
Translatable skills:  Speed, Handles, Scoring
Concerns: Inconsistency
Projected Pick Range: 35-50

Jahii Carson was THE guy for ASU this past year. The offensive juggernaut was one of the few options the Sun Devils could look to for points. His high volume of shot attempts and constant pressure to produce undoubtedly have something to do with all the talk about his inconsistency. You can’t teach speed or talent and this kid’s stocked up on both.

7) Jusuf Nurkic- Bosnia            

Value Meter: 4/5 Stars
Translatable Skills: Solid build, High energy, Rebounding
Concerns: Too much intensity
Projected Pick Range: 30-45

Jusuf Nurkic is a total gamer. He loves to compete. The hate on him stems from reports he’s undisciplined, immature, etc but all that can’t take away from his natural feel for the game. Nurkic has a chance to sneak into the first round, his stock is only going to rise.

6) Sean Kilpatrick- Cincinnati
Value Meter: 4/5 Stars
2013-14 Stat Line: 20.6 ppg 4.3 rpg 2.5 apg
Translatable skills:  Scoring, Defense, Toughness
Concerns: Age
Projected Pick Range: 35-55

Sean Kilpatrick looks to be the next college superstar to get penalized come draft time for being a little too seasoned. Joining the likes of Chandler Parsons (38th overall 2011 NBA Draft) and Draymond Green (35th overall 2012 NBA Draft). Sean is due for a long wait come June 26th. There’s no overlooking his talent at putting the ball in the hole, though.

5) Jarnell Stokes- Tennessee
Value Meter: 4/5 Stars
2013-14 Stat Line: 15.1 ppg 10.6 rpg 2 apg  53% FG
Translatable skills: Post Game, Strength, Rebounding
Concerns: Size
Projected Pick Range: 26-40

Jarnell Stokes is a beast. All this guy wants is to win. What team couldn’t benefit from a guy with that mentality? He’ll bring it night in night out. Being a tad undersized won’t keep Jarnell from battling with NBA big boys.

4) Nick Johnson- Arizona
Value Meter: 4/5 Stars
2013-14 Stat Line:  16.3 ppg  4.1 rpg  2.8 apg
Translatable Skills: Athleticism, Playmaker, IQ
Concerns: Uncertain role
Projected Pick Range: 30-45

A fundamentally sound player. Nick Johnson is a very smart basketball player. His biggest issue lies in that he's neither a point guard, or shooting guard. If he can better learn the art of being a combo guard there’s no reason Johnson can’t make a career for himself.

3) Jordan Adams- UCLA    

Value Meter: 4.5/5 Stars
2013-14 Stat Line:  17.4 ppg  5.3 rpg  2.6 spg  48% FG
Translatable Sklls: Scoring, IQ, Energy
Concerns: Athleticism
Projected Pick Range: 20-30

Jordan Adams is an efficient and productive scorer. He knows how to use his body to his advantage. A great tool to have when you don’t have the greatest of athleticism. Teams will see the value though, no way Jordan slips out of the 1st round.  

2) PJ Hairston- D-League   

Value Meter: 5/5 Stars
2013-14 Stat Line: 21 ppg 3 rpg  45% FG
Translatable Skills: Shooting, Defense, Toughness
Concerns: Character concerns
Projected Pick Range: 20-30

After being suspended from North Carolina in 2013 Hairston went on to play 26 games for the Texas Legends of the NBA Development League this past year. The stat line above indicates his success there. His NBA build and offensive readiness make him an easy 1st round pick. If he’s patient and willing to learn the game a bit more he’ll develop nicely.

1) Mitch McGary- Michigan   

Value Meter:  5/5 Stars
2013-14 Stat Line:  9.5 ppg  8.3 rpg  1.9 spg
Translatable Skills: IQ, Toughness, Solid build
Concerns: Having too much free time
Projected Pick Range: 18-30

Mitch McGary is the one man on this list I could see potentially developing into an all-star. I love his game. He’s got a soft touch around the rim, good defensive instincts and seems like a guy that wants to learn. Mitch hasn’t seen game action in some time, after sitting out nearly all of the 2013-14 season. The fact that he even wanted to go back to Michigan for his junior season, given that he’s NBA ready right now, shows his desire to improve his game and make up for lost time on the court. I have no qualms over whether or not he can overcome these recent setbacks and make an impact in the league. He’s a game changer and could contribute to a team instantly.

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