Monday, July 8, 2013

Kevin Durant is Engaged

Congratulations to Oklahoma City Forward Kevin Durant, and Minnesota Lynx Guard Monica Wright on announcing their engagement last night.  I think the most impressive thing about this engagement is the fact that Durant tweeted back in 2011 that he was interested in Monica Wright. 

This is truly a tale of Love and Basketball, which if you know me then you know is a movie I absolutely love.  Durant is the modern day Quincy McCall and Monica Wright is the modern day, err, Monica Wright.  I mean, if the fact that Monica Wright's name is Monica Wright makes this already a pretty undeniably great setup, and I think these two will definitely have a bright, athletically talented relationship together.  I do have to say though, that I sincerely doubt Monica is beating Kevin in a game of one-on-one like Monica did to Quincy in Love&Basketball, I mean seriously there's no way Quincy would have ever actually lost to her, and there's not a freaking chance Durant would ever lose to Monica, but I digress.

All kidding aside congratulations to both of them and I wish them the best of luck.  I should also mention that I absolutely cannot wait 'til they have kids because holy hell can you imagine how athletic they're going to be?  I mean, I'm sure Shelden Williams and Candace Parker will have some athletic babies, but they're not touching the offspring of these two. 

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